Why Dont They.......?

August 29, 2009 5:01am CST
When you go to the toilets to ease yourself, you always find that the men who goes in always come out early. Not so, in the women's toilet. There the waiting is so much longer.Reason- ladies need to use a stall or cubicle to do their business. So, they line up and take their turn to use the stalls or cubicles. Men, on the other hand, just go to Gunnery Row and splashed against the wall and water will clean it all up after that. The question now is if ladies take so much time in the toilet, why don't planners built more stalls or cubicles in ladies toilets. What is your comment?
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@Iriene88 (5345)
• Malaysia
29 Aug 09
I am casting my vote for you Yes, they should have plan it and it will solve the problem. I still remembered when I travelled to overseas on tour where the sightseeing itineries was very tightly scheduled. The ladies will be still inside queueing and their husbands will be standing outside waiting, have a cup of coffee or smoking! Due to time constraint, the tour leader will announced, no more guys, therefore you girls can enter the guys toilet too, we will guard at the outside, don't worry! Thanks and happy myLotting!