"Job First Before Self" What do you think?

Saudi Arabia
August 29, 2009 5:28am CST
Simply saying "Dont let your job run your life". Our job is only a means for living. That's all. Others say, "Job first before self". Is it service before self? Your job is your first priority. What do you think?
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• Philippines
29 Aug 09
How can one keep his job if he forgets himself? One keeps a job better if he understands himself better and that he is healthier and more confident to take more challenges. Stress is always there. If he is too much of a worker, how can he protect himself from getting burned out? A job cannot be the first priority. There are other greater things in life more worth prioritizing than work.
• Saudi Arabia
30 Aug 09
thanks thrupages, well in my case, there is always the condition of being susceptible to harm that i may just do the job just for the sake of job. this is where the respect and love and devotion come in - that i do it for my self, that's why i try to do it as pretty as capable to happen.