Falcons to share home turf with U2

United States
August 29, 2009 8:17am CST
We'd heard rumors of a possible concert this past spring and sure 'nuff here it is. Its a welcome respite for us part-timers who've been dealing with shorter hours than in past years (from show cancellations)and tho' some past my favorite music era, I suspect I (and my landlord) will appreciate the added income. Its kinda interesting how this faulty economy effects things. We had 2 world class soccer matches this past summer, something, we were told, which hadn't happened in quite a few years..which sets a new standard for next year's opportunities. Now this concert, which will boon for downtown Atlanta. Its fascinating..Rock someone's finacial boat and creative things happen.. Comments?..anything you want that's worth pokin' a stick at..I just wanted to put on my party hat and say 'YAY 4 ME!!' to folks who won't hush me before I get it out...ENJOY!!
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