@x_Jo_x (1041)
August 29, 2009 2:49pm CST
Tonight i set up my tent in our back garden. Its a big tent and has 2 rooms. Me and my dogs are staying in one side and my mum and my little sister are staying in the other side. Do you like camping? Have you ever been camping before? Got any funny/good/bad stories to share?
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@realan (520)
• United States
30 Aug 09
I'm a leader of my daughter's girl scout troop, so I take them camping every year. The first year I found my tent upside down. I guess I didn't anchor it well. When I was in college I used to go camping with my then boyfriend. We had tons of fun riding ATV's and stargazing. We wouldn't even pitch a tent, just sleeping bags underneath the beautiful night sky.
@jstaubin (423)
• United States
29 Aug 09
when I was young my family and I went camping twice every year. we live in Minnesota so we always went camping during the warm summer months, obviously it would be to cold to camp in the winter. but anyway when I was thirteen years old our family decided to go on one of these camping trips in August which is typicaly a hot month in Minnesota but this year it wasn't. It was cold and it rained the entire weekend. On the last morning that we were there my sister and I were sound asleep in our tent when all of a sudden our dad burt into the tent and woke us up by shoving snow into our sleeping bags. We were made at the time but today it is one of favorite camping memories.
@bmuchler (442)
• United States
29 Aug 09
I haven't been camping in many years. When I was a kid I was in Girl Scouts so camped all the time. I remember it would rain every camping trip. I don't mean little drizzles. I mean RAIN. Major storms. We used to say our leader was a jinx. Nothing like camping in a tent with Major Thunder and Lightening storms. I had fun though. One trip was really bad though. We were camping in a campgrounds at an amusement park. Two people were struck by lightening and did not make it that night. Our camping trip was cut short. It was too risky with the threat of more storms. After girl scouts, I would sleep in a tent in my backyard during the summer. The tent came in handy. My bedroom was being remodeled one summer. So I lived in the tent. My son is in cub scouts. He had his first camping trip in July. I am so happy he was able to experience that. My husband is a camper, so we have never gone. I've tried to get him to go. I would love to go again.