How do you serve a festival dinner?

August 30, 2009 3:08am CST
For a festival dinner, we usually have laid on table 8 little cold dishes, then come the main hot dishes. The best way to invite good appetite is to serve the hot dishes one by one. If the hot dishes are ready and available all at once, the result is never as good. How do you usually serve the festival dinner?
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@cwong77 (2011)
• Malaysia
30 Aug 09
here we normally serve all dishes at one time, as then it be fair to the person that cook too.. we can't leave the cook out and enjoy the meal while he / she may be busy preparing the feast... In my family, it's a tradition that everyone is home for festive celebration and dinner, therefore I will do the cooking.. and normally it's up to 8 main dishes. We do not have the tradition of serving cold dish, and all I can do is plan the dishes cooking sequence in order.. those that are deep fry will be done first, and followed by others.. veg and fish will be the last as these are mainly serve hot. Alternatively, I get those candles to keep warm the food on the table, and I will cook with 2 stoves in order to have a fast and effective cooking process, so the food will not turn too cold..of course, everything even turn cold, the soup will definitely hot.