Zombie Avenger

Screenshot  - Screenshot of Zombie Avenger
August 30, 2009 6:30am CST
There has been an outbreak of the Zombie virus in your town. On you the task to destro all the Zombies and find and eliminate the source. Zombie Avenger is a classic side scrolling game of high quality. Besides good graphics and very smooth gameplay it gives you the same feel like I imagine it would when you would be fighting Zombies for real. A Zombie by itself isn't that dangerous. They are slow and not very intelligent, but in groups they can be lethal! That's what Zombie Avenger gives you: Hordes of Zombies, coming at you from both sides, wave after wave on your way to the source. It can place you in tight spots and makes for quite a challenging game. Play Zombie Avenger at: http://www.gamingamster.com
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