Are you obsessed with making money online?

August 30, 2009 11:13am CST
I am averagely obsessed with making money online i guess. I think the addiction starts when you see money accumilating in your profile. Its like you want to get rich fast. But we all know thats impossible. Its like trying to ride the bike before you cant walk.
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30 Aug 09
Its all I eaver do. Most of my freinds think I am boring as I just sit and take cash. I always have new sites up and running and selling sites to get cash., Its just like a masstive hobby!
• United States
31 Aug 09
I agree with you on considering it like a hobby. Many people use the internet to pay games, and check their social network pages. I figure if your going to waste time on the internet, why not make a little extra money? I mean who doesn't want to make extra money by visiting websites and doing simple tasks that do not take that long.
@ucue2008 (924)
• Malaysia
30 Aug 09
Obsessed, maybe not, but trying hard, yes. You know how world today become too expensive until its so unbearable and everything need money. So I need to try my hands to find extra money even though it not really work every time, but there is no harm in learning and trying. Through my journey here, the road hasn't been smooth, but I gain a lot of new things, not in terms of money, but also friend, and knowledge.
• Canada
30 Aug 09
wonderful comment ucue2008. Your right with that. everything is more expensive now a days. Its just rising and rising i just hope our job income could keep up with everything. Im sure you'll do well in the future my friend. Just work hard at it and you never know what you will discover. Like you said you gain knowledge and friends along the way.
@dianmelydia (2269)
• Indonesia
30 Aug 09
I believe if everyone obsessed in earning money. Now we have two kinds of earning money method, from online jobs and offline jobs. I think we all obsessed to both method. But sometimes some people only have one chance, while the other people perhaps have both chance for earning from online and offline job. The fact is no one don't want to earning money. No matter how, as long as we want to still living in this world, we must earning money for our life. Earning money is something we all should and must do. But some people are really obsessed in making more and more money, even sometimes they use illegal ways. This illegal ways also can be done on both online and offline methods. The consistent of illegal ways in online method is same with in offline method, which is considered as criminal. So i hope to all people here no matter how obsessed are you on making money online, please don't use illegal ways to earn money because it will be worse for yourself. Good luck and have a nice day. Happy mylotting.
• Canada
30 Aug 09
I agree with you dianmelydia. Some people just dont know where to draw the line to when it comes to earning money. It becomes an obssesion that cannot be stopped,No matter what they do even if its legal or illegal.