time for change (please read and comment)

August 30, 2009 1:17pm CST
first of all, i would like to thank you for reading this and helping me move onto the next stage of my life. i got my exam results back on thursday, and i got what i need for college thankfully having passed all my exams. i have always been naturally bright i guess, i mean.. i havn't been one to revise or even listen to much in class but i still got through, which some people may be happy with yet, on thursday when i went to collect my results, i saw people crying because they didnt get what they wanted/needed. which made me i guess ever more so thankful for what i had recieved. college for me WAS primarily going to be just for a laugh, to be with mates, meet new people. yet now i believe, its time to move on, its time to grow up. sure it can/will be a laugh but, i think that the work comes first then anything else that happens revolves around the work. i've got into a lot of trouble latly i guess, yet thanks to god, i believe that i have been able to get out of stuff without too much damage been done. just got my music and bodybuilding to keep me motivated nowadays, as the more i try with people the more it messes up. people letting you down, and not staying informed yet they still call themselves friends, perhaps only eager to get in touch when you have something new/something they want. so today, i come to you guys for some words of advise to stop me slipping as i tried to 'get my head down and work' in the last months of high school though i didnt. thanks , dan.
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