biggest obstacle

August 31, 2009 5:12am CST
What is the biggest obstacle, challenge or frustration you're having in your relationship or marriage?
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@khayshenz (1387)
• United States
1 Sep 09
I think the distance is both a blessing and a curse for us. It's a blessing because when we're not around each other (during the work week) - we miss each other more. It's a curse because we wouldn't have to make weekends extra-special if we were around each other more often. And we would be able to more things together - like training for a marathon or whatever.
31 Aug 09
Right, well my husband has had the same job for 15 years now, with shift work, working night shifts as well as day shifts. I have enjoyed my 'me time' when he is at work but now I have to get used to him being around more. I am worried that we will get on each others nerves.
@smart44 (510)
• Philippines
31 Aug 09
when he cheated me for about ten years, and he ask me for forgiveness, thats the biggest obstacle that we have in our relations. I just forgive him for the sake of our children. And now he is courting me again so that my trust for him will be back again. And we are working about it since children didn't know anything about it, and I don't want my children got angry with their father because of this thats why we didnt mention this problem to them.
@med889 (5958)
31 Aug 09
Maybe the fact that he is not someone who shares things as he forgets very easily so this makes me a bit angry sometimes, because I tell him everything and I have to know from different sources what he is doing so this is a bit bad but I hope gradually everything will turn good for us.