To thine own self be true??

@gmode8 (60)
United States
August 31, 2009 4:34pm CST
How many women out there tend to mold yourselves into the person you think your boyfriend, husband or lover wants you to be? So many of us do this..I have done it too. I had a "light bulb moment" when I first saw the movie "Run Away Bride". Do any of you remember the scene from the movie where the Richard Gere's character is asking Julia Robert's character what kind of eggs she liked? She did not even know because she always ate the kind that her boyfriend at the time ate. It may sound silly but that scene made me cry. We women tend to turn our backs on ourselves and forget who WE are to please our men. Have any of you done this or know others who did? I am not doing that again!!
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• Pamplona, Spain
10 Jun 10
Hiya gmode, I have found that tendency too. It runs in various relationships too. You can go out of your way to try to be in your Fathers best books. You can be doing this all of your life without realizing it. I realized it one Day when a verbal bucket of cold water was thrown over me by one statement that Person made. Since that very Day I stopped trying to do all the latest tricks to please that one person in particular. I did not realize till then that I had been doing that. Thank goodness for the bucket of cold Water. But it can go on with other relationships too it takes time to realize it sometimes. I think Men do this too not only us Women but Men are affected also. I was watching a Show where the life of two famous Spanish People was reflected over time and they were both trying to please each other but the two of them were just a bit egoistical and it came out in their Children too. So I would say it´s not only us Women I think we are all affected in some way by this trying to please trend.