Easy Jet Airline tells a woman "you can't fly with us 'cause your too fat"

August 31, 2009 6:38pm CST
OMG!!![i][/i] here's a story that's on air at the minute: http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_3453692.html?menu=news.quirkies.quirkygaffes I've heard of discrimination but this is just plain ridiculous.. First of all I think describing someone as "fat" is really rude and very inappropriate. But boldly telling someone that they can't board a plane because they are fat is something else. I mean they gladly accepted this woman's hard earned money when she bought the ticket and now they treat her like dirt.. I've always hated easy jet airlines as they suck at baggage handling and their customer service is rubbish that's why I never used them again... Luckily this woman is suing the company and I hope she bleeds them dry because that is just pure discrimination.. When will this business of discrimination stop?? next they won't let us fly because we're too skinny to fit in the seat, or your too ugly or your this or your that.. man that makes my blood boil... Have you experienced some sort of discrimination recently?
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@webearn99 (1742)
• India
1 Sep 09
What ever the shortcomings of the service the airlines provide, I think they have done the correct thing. They have to consider the comfort of regular size passengers. I traveled once with an extra large person sitting beside me. It was pure torture. The person "overflowed" into my seat and could not or would not budge. He was lifting the armrest time and again to ease the pressure on his massive waist denying me comfort for which I had paid. As I sat in the restricted space he had his arm and shoulder on my chest and I was unable to breath properly. Unable to bear this torture, I stood in the aisle as a protest till I got another seat. All the time this fat slob was looking very smug. It is OK for a person to be fat, but to dump that fat on others is simply not done. Anyways passenger airlines are for people and not buckets of lard. Why cant these people book two seats to accommodate their bulk?
@TheCatLady (4695)
• Israel
26 Sep 09
The people messed up. If someone is to big to fit in the seat, then they should simply ask them to buy another ticket for the next seat. She was 216 pounds. That might be to big to fit in the seat depending on how tall she was. Plenty of taller people are 216 pounds without being grossly overweight. They could have a passageway that is the size of the seat, like they do for carry on luggage. If you can get through, you can fit in the seat if not buy a second seat. With the world getting fatter, airlines might just have to make bigger seats to accommodate the world growing girth.
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