how many of u enjoy cooking?

August 31, 2009 9:04pm CST
when i am free i love to do cooking. i love to cook by my self when i am free. so how u find cooking.
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@oldchem1 (8144)
17 May 10
I love cooking and don't find it a chore but a pleasure. I even have my own website with low fat recipes on and I also sell e-books with recipes. I was trained as a Home Economist and used to teach catering, so cooking is really in my blood.
@reckon21 (3484)
• Philippines
17 May 10
I have been staying in our house for quite a long time now and since I can no longer work because of my illness I am assigned to do the cooking in our house. The good thing is that I like cooking different kinds of foods and thankfully my family also love the taste of my cooking. Cooking is really fun and anybody can learn cooking if one is interested enough. I only cook foods that is not expensive in ingredients and the kind that is nutritious and has lots of vitamins and minerals. I have much fun cooking with fish, vegetables and other times meat and chicken.
@rashmie (948)
• United Arab Emirates
1 Sep 09
This is one stuff where I lagged behind too much. Though in India girls are supposed to be good when it comes to cooking but really i don't like myself to see in the kitchen. whenever, I got a chance to prepare the meal, the taste was really scary. This makes me even more away from the world of cooking..
@smart44 (510)
• Philippines
1 Sep 09
i love cooking too, i see to it that my children eat nutritious food so i make sure that i cooked balance food for them. What about you?
• China
1 Sep 09
I like cooking very much,it's interesting,especially other people like the food that you cook,it makes me feel so well.
@Jennlk84 (4216)
• United States
1 Sep 09
I enjoy cooking in my free time. I'm by no means an amazing chef, but I do enjoy it! I have been learning how to make new things lately and have had more time to do some experimenting. Hopefully within a few years I will be a much better cook! Especially once my husband and I decide to have children. I want my kiddos to enjoy my cooking! lol