Do you talk to your self?

September 1, 2009 12:19am CST
Some people think that it's crazy talking to your self. When I was a kid. While waiting for a bus early in the morning I often saw an old man who passed by and talked to himself out-loud. Our neighbor thought that he was a bit crazy. But then I found out that he was a retired attorney from other town. And he was not crazy either, he's just used on talking to himself not in a subconscious way. How about you, do you talk to your self? how do you talk to your self? Do you think it's good talking to your self?
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• Philippines
1 Sep 09
well, i guess his a bit crazy already.. though sometimes i talk to myself, like what will im going to wear, what color, or where will i go or etc. but those are just common words... some professional also talk to themselves at work. like we have this auditor and shes alone checking the file, shes talking to herself but its also regarding the work... sometimes its one way of expressing the innermost thoughts but if you already talk things that is not related to what your doing or things that seems to be out of the topic or out of this world then that will be one symptoms of being crazy lol..
• Philippines
2 Sep 09
He's completely sane. I'd happened to talked to one of his son, and he told me that it was his father normal way of memorizing or expressing things that's really important to his job, though he was retired, still he can't help doing those things, just to make him feel good. Well if you're really talking to yourself as if you're talking with someone,(unless you're doing some rehearsal)then you're probably out of your mind. Yeah, talking to yourself is one way of expressing your innermost thoughts, and it's also a way of monitoring your thoughts. I talked to myself mentally, 'cause sometimes it makes my perspective more clear. Thanks for sharing with us Have a great day!
• China
1 Sep 09
You are right, and he is a lawyer, subconscious conversation, showing his self. In fact, what people do, they will talk about his work in words. It is involuntary. I also have a similar situation, I did not want to intentionally express themselves, they could not help to make their recommendations. Also have someone say me, but I feel I am not mistaken. If you can not express what you mean courage. So how people will know what you think.