do you do your monthly shopping from one shop/place or different shops?

September 1, 2009 8:33am CST
things like soap, shampoo, grocery items etc is the monthly needs of man. in addition biscuits, juices, fruits and vegetables can also be bought from the same place but many people buy the fruits and vegetables from the vegetable market. while things like rice, flour,dals,sugar,salt spices etc can be bought from the same place from where we are buying soap and shampoos. so, do you buy these stuffs from same place or different places. i buy daily used items from one place and eatables from other place.
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• Philippines
8 Sep 09
I shop in a same mall. And shop seldomly. I only shop if I will be needing new things like new dress and if there is a sale to buy cheaper but branded products I go for it. When talked about shampoo, rice or grocery I shop near a convenient store in our place. Buying of rice is in the market. I don't go for far malls during shopping. I save my time and energy of choosing best quality products .It will be less productive if I will visit far malls, I go near ones.
@2babita (1073)
• India
3 Sep 09
Well,now i do mostly all shopping from one shop,bcz they give discount in every purchasing.I go twice in a month and buy everythings from there.Only dress i buy from seperate shops.
@slickcut (8141)
• United States
2 Sep 09
Most always I go to Walmart, they have everything in one store & they are reasonably priced..I really try to think back sometimes & wonder what in the world did we do before Walmart..
• India
1 Sep 09
Earlier, I used to go to a departmental store, and buy the entire months provision in that shop. Now days, I go to at least 3 to 4 shops before I do my final purchase. I find that when you shop in different place you save a little money.