Busy mom, good meals.

September 1, 2009 10:13am CST
I'm a busy mom who works hard to feed her family of five and after a long day at work, I dont have the energy or the time to slave over a hot meal to feed my family. On weekends I prepare and freeze meals for the up coming week, that way I dont compromise my families health with fast foods, and it's easy on the budget. Do other moms a similiar routine?
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@dmrone (750)
• United States
2 Sep 09
Hi! Yes, I do and have done this for several years. It is hard to cook a hot meal every night, so as my family was growing i started making meals ahead of time for the up coming weeks. It is nice to know that my family has a good, wholesome, home cooked meal even when i am just to tired to cook it.
@babyjesus (277)
2 Sep 09
SOmetimes, i also do what you are doing but since i have some help at home, they help me prepare fresh cooked meals for my kids. On weekends especialy when they take the day off, we just buy cooked food. If im on a budget, i do the market and cooking because i can size up or estimate what to cook and how to cook with few ingredients.
@marguicha (129163)
• Chile
2 Sep 09
Even though I live alone, I do a little of what you do for other reasons. I don´t like to eat the same thing everyday. So I prefer to freeze and thaw. I also make big batches of sauces for pasta (pesto, tomato, whaever) and they come handy when the enemy takes over the house by asault (my grandchildren) I NEVER buy fast food. I´m quite picky and the smell of the grease in those potatoes make my stomach turn. I do make potatoes at home though. A good NEW oil, everyone involved in eating helping with the peeling of the potatoes and there you go... a fried potato party.
@cher913 (25865)
• Canada
1 Sep 09
that is a great idea. i don't do that but i also dont work full time either (i work part time) but i do have a great idea of what i want to make for that nights dinner. i usually take it out of the freezer before i go to work in the morning so it is ready to go. we also have a crock pot which comes in handy!!