UFOs...what's your take?

United States
September 1, 2009 11:29am CST
I'm not sure why, but lately, I have been checking into exactly what kind of UFO footage is really out there. It seems the best footage anyone has come up with is footage taken by astronauts in space. I have also seen footage of what people call a moon base and alien technology on the opposite side of the moon. I have to say I believe that these UFO's are out there, as well as the aliens people talk about. Area 51 seems to be a really touchy subject as well, when it comes to aliens. Like I said, I know that the UFOs are out there, but I am also a firm believer that their agenda is not a good one. Anyone out there have a new twist to the whole UFO phenomenon? Area 51? I am also really interested in Cryptozoology, so if you have a story or opinion on that, please share! Dive Deep!
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@Jso1020 (44)
• Canada
1 Oct 09
Well, it depends if you are a believer. I myself believe in UFO's and I think there are UFO's in area 51.
11 Sep 09
I had a very clear sighting of a UFO when I was about 10. It was broad daylight and I was in a crowded park. All of a sudden, a silver disc flew overhead and over the park, and everyone was looking up at it. It was no dot in the distance, it was low and clearly a disc shape. So I guess I believe in them, although a lot of sightings are just mistakes or hoaxes. It is a frightening concept, but my sighting was 30 years ago, so if they wanted to take us over surely and do something negative they would have done it by now.
• United States
2 Sep 09
I am not sure, I do know that I have seen some strange thing's. One thing happened one night about 2 year's ago. I had to take my little dog out to pee, and my husband had gone to town with a friend. So I went out in the yard when I saw a strange light, So I watched it, it then went over me it was huge. In fact if it was on the ground I would say it was the size of a plane. Then all of a sudden it went so fast off to the east that it was like a flash, but before that it was slow. My husband and his friend had seen the flash, as it went fast on their way back, but they thought it was a meteor. Meteor's dont slow down then go wicked fast.