How much water should a person drink?

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September 1, 2009 2:07pm CST
I've read and heard different things, so I'm throwing the question out there to the public and maybe I can come up with a I have a quart bottle that I fill with water and try to drink that everyday. Please advise.
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1 Sep 09
Like you I have heard many answers to that same question. I have heard from 64 oz./day to as much as 1 oz. per pound of body weight per day. What I have noticed when starting to drink water more frequently than before is that you will become more thirsty than usual until your body finds it's natural balance. The only downside is the need to use the restroom so much until your body is used to it. My wife carries a 32 oz cup to and from work and I believe she fills it at least twice. (she is the big water buff in the family.) I have been know to drink as much as 2.5 gal in a day depending on how hard I am working and how hot it is. I know it is kind of vague, but I hope it helps set your gauge. Good Luck