How do you deal with an overly intruding person? One who's not even your friend!

August 28, 2006 9:23pm CST
She is such an intruder! She sees everybody's moves, watches out for what everybody will wear, and criticizes them for it, and she reports evrything she sees and hears to the boss! How can I deal with such a peson. she's a lot older than most of us, so we feel it is impolite to just talk to her up front, plus we believe she will strongly take it against us! I've been seriously thinking of resigning from my present job just so i could get rid of her from my life!
2 responses
@pisshole (493)
• New Zealand
29 Aug 06
Smack her in the face with a shovel.
@bhchy1 (6050)
• United States
29 Aug 06
The best you can do is ignore her. It may not seemlike it but everyone including the boss knows what she's like. Don't let her have control of your life my making you feel you need to resign to avoid her. Why giver her the satisfaction!