What makes A human being really what He is??

September 2, 2009 1:21pm CST
A sober person can find the four following differences between a HUMAN BEING and ANIMALS. Animals = eating, sleeping, mating and defending Human Beings= eating, sleeping, mating, defending +............???? What do you think would fit the blank space in the second row allotted for human beings. The answer according the the Vedic Scriptural Injunctions which was given by the Supreme Personality of God Head is SPIRITUALITY. Explanations could be given in the following ways: The four common things which are common to both the animals and human beings are stated as above.So unless a person is spiritually inclined or interested about spirituality, it would be definitely worthy to say that he/she is no better than an animal. Some of you(infact many)would talk of the so called technology introduced which has simplified life. Another counter here. After all what for are you using this so-called technology, think for a while and you are bound to get the following reasons: eating, sleeping, mating and defending. Then think what makes a Human being really what He is?
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@jwm244 (69)
• Canada
3 Sep 09
How deep do you want to go with this idea? This is an awesome point to put forward by the way. Very good to see these kind of ideas on here. To look into something of this scope, you almost have to look at yourself, how you act around others, and who you think you are. I seen that you were touching a bit into the spirituality spectrum which I can agree with as well. Being human is complex, yet somehow satisfying to be able to discover who we are as beings on this Earth. Well, I believe that each of us has a spirit which forms our personalities, something like the foundation of how we carry out our lives. Within that spirit lies: curiosity, survival, curiosity, wisdom, courage, love, anger, hatred, sadness, and a multitude of other interpretations of man's existence. Without this spirit, we would most likely be zombies, without a reason to be, or a definitive place of understanding within the workings of the entire Earth. For each of us to be so different in personalities, strengths, and weaknesses, we are ourselves in turn each a guidepost for others to observe and learn from. Overall, I believe that we are all meant to be on the planet to at least influence a few individuals to gather/ learn from ourselves so that what we have experienced will be carried on through the generations. Think of this analogy as if we were all teachers, helping each other out. Having feelings, physiology, and thoughts also shows that we are always searching for answers as to why we live the way that we live. As from above, as us being teachers to others, each bit of wisdom and experiences which we have garnered in a single lifetime helps every human being evolve for the better. So , to add to your list, we are ones who were born/ created to learn or gather wisdom from the past, present, and future. Yeah, this is a huge, expansive topic that can be looked at in various ways. It will be encouraging to see where this conversation does go in the near future.