Anyone knows how to renew a Texas Registered Nurse license?

September 2, 2009 9:56pm CST
I am a nurse from the Philippines and I took the NCLEX last OCT 2008. My probelm lies on the renewal of the license since it is due to expire next year(AUG 2010). As I've read through the requirements, what I understood was that I needed to have a social security number and working experience to renew it. Well I do not possess a visa for the US, and as it happens,one needs to reside in the US to have a social security number. Worse is that I don't have a paid working experience because there is a great saturation of nurses here in my country and not a very high demand for us in the hospitals. We usually land a voluntary unpaid job. So basically, I do not have the SS number and the working experience needed for the renewal. Is there any chance that the council will accept my voluntary work as a valid working experience and eventually grant me a renewed nursing license? I hope someone could shed some light on my predicament. I'm on wits end thinking about the possibility of not realizing my dream.
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