How do elves die?

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September 2, 2009 11:43pm CST
Self-explanatory. =))
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@mymelodake (1339)
• Philippines
4 Sep 09
Elves are immortal, so they cannot die of old age. As explain above, elves residing in middle earth "go over the sea" to Eldamar, the place where elves dwell in Aman, where the Valar live, when the tire of Middle Earth. However, though they cannot die of old age or "natural causes" as we call it, and heal easily from wounds and hurts, elves may be slain or die of poisoning. Elves may also choose to give up their life.
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@stvasile (7316)
• Romania
4 Sep 09
It's pointless to start a separate response as it has already been explained that the elves die by the sword or by poisoning. It must also be said that even if they die like this, the elven spirits gather in the Great Halls of Mandos, in Valinor. Nothing is said about what happens to the humans after dying, as they do not share the same path the elves go.
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10 Sep 11
Elves can only die from either a broken heart or in battle. They state this in The Silmarillian.
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11 Nov 09
They really never die or at least their spirits do not and they can be rembodied in the halls of Mandos and released again, they can die physically or slain from a wound and also of a broken heart or wounding of the fea(spirit) but they are bound to the earth and if it is destroyed so will they be.
• China
3 Sep 09
If them be killed by somebody....