fall in love again?

fall in love again - fall in love again
@jen14ed (865)
September 3, 2009 2:36am CST
If you were refusing to fall in love gain after being hurt and decided you would never give your hearth to anyone again, how did you end up falling in love again with a new person? What happened to let you know you could trust this person with your hearth. Are you being hurt your pass relationship?. are you ready to fall in love again?
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3 Sep 09
yup me im hurt in my past relationship but we must be open ,, or we should accept it is related to us as a living human being here in the earth ,, we cant push our self to tell that we cant fall in love again,, we are such a human and we should give our self a chance to be fall in love again.. for some how we don't know that on our side front , back is the human for us to love and to be love,,