Eating fast food and not cooking

@kevinll (967)
September 3, 2009 3:57am CST
I am hungry now. I am not like to eat outside now. I often eat some cookie, cakes and cracker. It is not good for me, but i am not good at cooking. So i only can eat some fast food. Noodle, peanut is convenient for me. Oh, i wanna find a good way to solve the eating at home. What kind of food do you eat when you at home/
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• Philippines
3 Sep 09
If time is not on my side and I am really hungry, I resort to eating instant foods or drive through fast food chains to grab a meal. I love cooking, but in some instances I'd rather buy food than rush cooking. It is healthier to cook my own food but it is not also healthy if I pass up a meal when I am really hungry.
• Boston, Massachusetts
3 Sep 09
hi kevinll,it is but practical to just buy ready to eat food but as what you've said it is not really healty considering that such has preservatives and not anymore fresh. what you can do is to start learning simple dishes that you really love, explore the web on how to prepare it...then do it your style and for sure you will learn and love the art of cooking i can feel that you have the passion for it but right now just don't have enought drive to do it.
@peace001 (726)
• China
3 Sep 09
yeah,i don't like to eat the ready meal,but i am good at cooking.everyday cook kinds of foods for myself.if you are not good at cooking,you can take some salad with fruits and vegetables,i think it is easy to you.