What do you desire from a cow if you OWN it? milk:-) or meat:-(? REPLY!

September 3, 2009 6:15am CST
Cows are considered to be the most sacred animals according to the scriptural injunctions which date back millions of years ago.The tradition is followed even at present in India. Cow can be considerd as mother for it gives milk. So, do you allow your mother to be killed in a slaughter house for satisfaction of tongue. This seems to be really disgusting act done in some western countries. After using them for their whole life time drinking milk,cows are being killed for meat in slaughter houses.Imagine your mother in such position and consider eating beef!!! disgusting isn't it?Killing a cow or indirectly supporting killing of a cow is also one of the abominable activities which can lead to unbearable suffering. I would also like to hear from moms!!
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• India
3 Sep 09
yes uare absolutely right. We cannot think in even dream of taking meat from cow. In india people do not even drive away cows sitting in the mid of road so no question of slaughtering them. We just desire milk from cows. thanx
@Archie0 (4992)
3 Sep 09
Yes we also consider cow as a sacred animal in our country.We cannot think of eating a cow because we worship her, well some people eat but we cannot restrict someones independence.We just expect her to giev us milk and nothing else from it.