Meaning of Reality....does it matter WHAT you think?

@debrakcarey (19921)
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September 3, 2009 9:50am CST
The Observer Supplies Meaning There is no meaning in events, this is something understanding supplies to what the senses observe. A tasty meal for one creature can be a dreadful death for another; the death of a person may be a vile crime or an accident or an act of justice; it all depends upon the understanding of the observer. Meaning Rests Upon Morality The reliance upon understanding for meaning reveals the importance of morality, for this is the foundation of understanding. Meaning is generated from the set of values we adopted during infancy to allow the invoking of reason. This means that our infancy determines our understanding, which in turn determines the meaning of our lives. Understanding Determines Knowledge From the almost unlimited number of possible observations of its surroundings an understanding detects, then selects only those it considers to be meaningful, and these it interprets and accumulates in memory as its experience or knowledge. And this knowledge it employs as the axioms for judging cause and effect. Morality Determines Reality Meaning and knowledge are used by an understanding to construct a view of the world —reality. Hence it is the moral foundation of an understanding, as well as experience, that dictates reality. And there can be no reality except that realised by an understanding. A Reality is in effect the memory of an understanding.
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@Destiny007 (5819)
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3 Sep 09
A person's moral understanding determines what they think and believe. A person with high moral standards is going to think and believe far differently than someone who believes that morality is relative to society.. or moral relativism. Morality often requires us to stand apart from society, and that has always been the case. Because of the lack of morality, our society is in free-fall towards decadence. History tells us that once a society decays, it cannot survive for long.
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@debrakcarey (19921)
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4 Sep 09
sometimes it is hard to realize that not everyone has the same world view....I can be tolerant of other's way of understanding things...I've even learned somethings from listening to those who do not see the world as I see it. But we must have a worldview that is grounded in morality...our understanding of reality must be one of a moral universe. And only man can make the world IMMORAL by our lack of understanding and wisdom. By being selfish.