Well it paid at last to avoid myLot!!

September 3, 2009 10:57am CST
With my studies and all, I kept being away from enjoyments like myLot discussions. And, maybe for me only, myLot seems heavy to load on weak connection and my connection is never good, so I just avoided it completely.. And now so happy I am to see that I have lost a point here. Can't describe the feeling!! For you who are just ready to laugh on my poor condition, god bless you with same. And for my dear friends, thanks for your sympathy and also for reading my whines.. Someday, I hope I will recover....
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• Australia
4 Sep 09
For me, I have many things that I have to get done in life. I always tell myself, "yeah, hang on, let me mylot a little." A little becomes 10 minutes, 10 minutes becomes an hour, an hour becomes who knows how long. Now I have a goal to get all my priorities straight before I mylot, even if it's tempting! I admit, sometimes I fail. You should forget about mylot when your doing your studies, as it's distractive!
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• India
4 Sep 09
Thanks for well advice. I know the consequences of such acts, actually had been like that in past but now it just can't go on. Either I stop networking or I'm Doomed! :) Of course mylot has gone well down in my daily activity. But I do feel a binge for it .. say every four months. Happy posting.