Bon Jovi

Trinidad And Tobago
September 3, 2009 9:26pm CST
Guy i was having a discussion in work the other day about which was the best rock band of all time and there were some arguments when i said it was bon jovi. I mean come on which other rock band can really beat bon jovi, i know they are a lot of other great bands but in m opinion if bon jovi it not the greatest there sure are one of the best.
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@Tantrums (945)
• Philippines
1 Oct 09
Well.. Not really a Bon Jovi fan but we have seen him in action too, in the UK - he was brilliant. It was in Hyde Park, London and there over 92,000 people. It was really amazing. He went over his time because he was enjoying himself so much and ended up having to pay a fine of about GBP 10,000. He asked the audience if he should continue and of course we all said 'yes', he told us he would be fined but said that was OK, it was worth it because we were enjoying ourselves so much. Then they had to cut his electricity because he just wouldn' stop. He was fantastic! Have only seen him the once but it was certainly well worth it. Would be happy to go see him again... My wife is a die hard fan though!
@jellymonty (2353)
4 Sep 09
@coolcoder (2018)
• United States
4 Sep 09
Bon Jovi was my favorite rock group back when I was young, but now their music is just junk. I think it started after their "New Jersey" album; at least that's the album that I remember actually liking the songs to. They've gone way too country for my taste now.