what is your favorite pizza topping?

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@jen14ed (866)
September 4, 2009 12:44am CST
what is your favorite pizza topping if you can have many things as you want it? me I like pepperoni,mushroom sausage and onion. sometimes i like jalapenos added too. I only like thin crust i hate thick doughy crust is all about the topping.
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• Malaysia
4 Sep 09
i love pineapples the most! mushrooms and chicken chunks, tuna too...man i'm hungry now haha..
@DCLehnsherr (1041)
4 Sep 09
Hi Jen14ed, Wow I seem to have a very sedate taste in pizza toppings if these replies are anything to go by lol! I really like pizzas with chicken, mushroom, sweetcorn and extra cheese on the top! I think it is a lovely combination and if I ever get a pizza from Pizza Hut, or the local take away place, that is what I will order. I don't mind which crust I have since I love the crusts as much as the toppings, gorgeous. Neat topic, even if it has now given me a craving for the aforesaid pizza lol Dranz
@Shar19 (8236)
• United States
4 Sep 09
I love pepperoni on my pizza. I also really like sausage, green pepper and onion and even just a nice plain pizza. I never had a pizza with jalapenos on it before. I might have to try that some day.
• Poland
4 Sep 09
The best Pizza I have found is from Telepizza, its mainly in Europe but the Carbonara Pizza is great, its so nice to have a different sauce, rather than Tomato the Carbonara has a creamy cheese sauce with a topping of bacon, mushroom and a few veg. The base is pretty good too, although I think they have changed the recipe recently and reduced the cost.
@med889 (5954)
4 Sep 09
I love pizzas and pizza hut is my place;-) I love pizza with mushroom, pepperoni, onions, crab sticks, and I like the crust with cheese, oh this is so wonderful, while replying to you I have only one wish right now is to eat a pizza.
• Philippines
4 Sep 09
Hello jed! Pizzas are so delicious i can't even resist your discussion about it. My favorite toppings are mushrooms, cheese!, pepperoni, and Pizza hut's different types of crust! It's so sad that you hate the crust. Well you can always give it to someone who likes it. Ü