Hockey losing popularity

September 4, 2009 6:36am CST
Hi friends do you feel that the sport of hockey has gradually losing its popularity in all over world and especially in India. If yes, have you any opinions that how it will be made a popular game.
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@diamania (7028)
• Netherlands
4 Sep 09
Do you mean icehockey or field hockey?
• India
4 Sep 09
I mean field hockey,
• United States
1 Nov 09
How did a field hockey discussion gets here ?
• United States
4 Sep 09
are you speaking of field hockey or ice hockey? If you are talking about field hockey . it really isn't popular at all here in the States. I played as a girl in school but there aren't any national leagues. It isn't shown on t.v. If you are talikng about ice hockey, it has been a minor sport here in the states . Back in the late 90's it looked like it could branch out but then came the strike in the NHL and ESPN, the best sports channel here, stopped airing gams , hockey took a back seat to all the other sports . It has it's die hard fans like me but I don't think it wil ever be real popular.