Should moms wear low rise jeans?

@gicolet (1703)
United States
September 4, 2009 11:59am CST
I'm no Victoria "Posh" Becham or Demi Moore but I'm a mom of 2 young children and I got to know where do i find reasonably priced jeans that are NOT low rise??? I used to fix this by wearing babydoll tops but i'm tired of looking kind of pregnant when i'm actually not! I don't think i'm ready to buy some "not your daughter's jeans" at Macy's though. They're pretty expensive too. So now i started wearing leggings to kind of flatten my little pouch on my tummy area that low rise jeans can't obviously hide...grrrr! It's so frustrating cause i love wearing jeans but i gotta feel comfortable with what i wear. Moms, do you wear low rise jeans? Where do you get your jeans?
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@suspenseful (40314)
• Canada
4 Sep 09
I do not look good in jeans, so don't wear them. Oh I have one pair but it is too big as I lost weight, but lot of the young ladies who have babies wear long knitted tops under their t-shirts, between the t-shirt and the top of their jeans. I do think it is very silly myself as when the weather gets hot why wear three outfits (not including bras and panties that some do not wear( when two will do?
@Archie0 (4666)
4 Sep 09
Well i think as far as they got that shape still on there is no harm in wearing a low rise jeans and if they are really very comfortable in wearing jeans even after they got a bad shape then i think there is no problem.As far as you are comfortaable and able to carry yourself freely you can wear anything in the limits of the society.