What Can you buy with this?

September 4, 2009 1:03pm CST
With 10$, What can you buy with that amount? lol, I'm just curious if what can 10$ do to you in every day life. a hamburger with fries and drink? or maybe a pack of cigar? well 10$ is like 400Php here, so I can do a lot with that, so how about on your country? ^_~
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@psycospaz (320)
• United States
4 Sep 09
You're right $10 doesn't pay for much here in the States, however my cell phone bill is $50, and if I add my mylot to it it then magically becomes $40, a much happier number. But remember $10 is the min. payout, we can earn a lot more and get a lot more! That and every dime you didn't have before adds up, and it adds up quick!
• Malaysia
4 Sep 09
With $10 in US it si only $36 in Malaysia. Average car with 1.3 liter engine requires Rm60 to fill up. If you go to supermarket to buy just sugar, tea, cooking oil,and some biscuits and milk, you will use about Rm 50. Kentucky fried Chicken 2 pcs and chips will cost you about Rm 11. So your Rm36 (10$) cannot even last 1 day in Malaysia.