y do ppl think women's restrooms are so great? they're just as dirty as men

United States
September 4, 2009 1:12pm CST
i can't count the number i've times i've visited a disgusting women's restroom where someone didn't flush or they left their sanitary napkins all over in movies they always make it seem like there are sofas inside, that the scent of perfume is floating in the air etc NO WAY! BIGGEST LIE EVER
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@KMPierce (165)
• United States
5 Sep 09
Oh yeah! I've been in some pretty disgusting women's restrooms! It does depend on where they are located. We take road trips alot and it seems that gas station bathrooms are the worst- right along with bars & concert halls. Women can be just as dirty as men when in the right setting!!! pretty sick in my opinion!!
@becky01 (81)
4 Sep 09
I know I ave been in some truely revolting public toilets that are so bad you almost just want to turn right around and leave again! However I have been in some absolutely lovely toilets, mostly in hotels/restaurants which are clean, tidy and have things like perfume which you can use.
@marguicha (124685)
• Chile
4 Sep 09
I suppose it depends on where the restroom is located. Restrooms at malls in my country are as nice as they can get and there are cleaning ladies always there checking and cleaning. As for other places (like bus terminals) they are not that wonderful.. And, of course, there are some places that I wouldn´t go to for all the money in the world. If I´m in town, I´d rather go buy me a small cup of coffee at a nice shop and ask for a restroom. Happy postings!!!