harry potter, half blood prince

September 4, 2009 1:56pm CST
Hi friend, would you share your opinion about harry potter the last sequel half blood prince, when i watched the movie i feel lost the little cute and funny harry potter, in half blood prince all actor and actress are look all grown up, so i prefer watching the erlier harry potter movies :)
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• Philippines
16 Sep 09
For me,Harry Potter and the half blood prince is the funniest among the previous five movies. All the characters are matured already. The story focused on love. There are a lot of romantic scenes filled with humor. It is entertaining but lack action scenes.The comedy parts really really makes me laugh, but I was really disappointed at the ending that obviously lacks excitement.Despite of the disappointments, i am still an avid fan of harry potter. I am also looking forward to deathly hallows hoping that it would leave a mark on us as the last and most memorable harry potter ever produced.I hope it goes with the saying that we should save the best for last.
• India
12 Sep 09
HI, I agree with you guys, but if young boys are asked, they would have enjoyed Hermoine Granger and Ginny Weasley. Anyways, I didnt like the 6th movie much, cos there is a lot of divertion from the book. The story has been screwed up royally. I dont know what Warner Brothers are playing on. Half Blood Prince was the best book of the series and the worst movie of the series so far. I wish Warner Brothers comes with the animated series of Harry Potter, or may be JK Rowling herself comes up with it, now when she is so rich.
• Italy
9 Sep 09
It wasn't such a great movie or at least related to the previous ones. I'm also a bit disappointed about Slughorn, i mean Jim Broadbent acted really well but he wasn't similar to Slughorn and i mean physically. A better choice for the actor could be Richard Riehle even if he's american.
• India
6 Sep 09
yea, It was totally different experience watching Harry Potter characters when they were young because I think at that time I was also young kid :D But now I think I have grown up so the Half Blood Prince doesn't seem so fascinating, and according to me as 6th book of harry potter was thick so I expected a longer movie, but this time also it has skipped a hell lot of story..... :(
• Canada
4 Sep 09
it was a chopy movie and a little too serious. they should have made it better like the older ones