Salad question please help me?

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@jen14ed (866)
September 4, 2009 7:38pm CST
Hi Recently ive been getting into the healthy living i exercise more and eating healthier! is there any salad recipes for breakfast lunch and dinner under 400 cal each much appreciated!
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@marguicha (128675)
• Chile
5 Sep 09
I don´t count calories but I´m sure that most sald that are based in lettuce, celery, tomato, sweet peppers and an olive or two plus a fresh light cheese will not have many calories. I love a greek salad. And the dressing is what makes a dsalad more or less caloric. I make my dressings with salt and pepper, olive oil, vinegar and dry oregano. Sometimes (not so light) I mix a bit of mayo or mustard. Avocados have more calories but if eaten sparingly they can turn a salad in something out of this world. I like the lettuce, celery and avocado salad. For that one, I use lemon juice instead of vinegar. Happy posting! I hope this helped!
• United States
5 Sep 09
Yes, there are a lot of them. You should check out the newest Curves Fitness and Weight Management Plan. The book costs $10.00, but it has some really great recipes. You can also take the Fitness and Weight Management classes for FREE at your local Curves. I know several ladies that are feeling healthier and seeing great results.