Kids and Vegetables

United States
September 4, 2009 7:43pm CST
So I have been really annoyed with all these commercials saying kids hate vegetables etc. I just wonder what kind of parents these kids have. Honestly, when our children are young we have the ability to mold their eating habits. Everything they consume is something we prepare or buy and then their likes and dislikes are centered towards the foods that they know well. My kids are what many people would consider "weird". They love vegetables. I don't mean just carrot sticks and corn. They love eating salads, green beans, tomatoes are their fav and the list goes on. I feel that I didn't really do anything special because they did have McDonalds often but I did still make it a point to give them their veggies. So why do so many kids not like veggies? Why is it so out of the ordinary for kids to like veggies? I think too many parents don't offer enough veggies to their kids and many let their kids make choice on what they eat when they are the parents and should be making those choices for their kids. I grew up with parents that required us to eat our veggies and we had to stay at the table until all our food was done. I LOVE veggies. I mean every kind of veggie is delicious to me I could eat them all day long. My husband on other hand grew up with the type of parents that felt since he didn't like veggies that they wouldn't make him eat them. Of course this worked against him because when he got older he had the worst eating habits. After being married now for 7 1/2 years, he has grown a taste for veggies as well. I wouldn't say he loves them, but he likes them and eats more than he ever would have in his life. I have a question for all of you... if you have kids or plan on having kids one day what will you do with veggies and your kids? Do you think it's not very important or do you agree with me that it's important to teach our kids healthy eating habits now while they are young so that they can lead healthy lifestyles as they grow older?
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• Philippines
5 Sep 09
I think it's a matter of how the veggies are cooked and how they taste. Kids usually get hooked by the taste of the food. Kids really should be taught to eat healthy. Fruits and vegetables should always be included in every meal.