Graveyard Ghost

Afraid of GHOST?????? - I am afraid of ghost but at the same time very much interested to listen true ghost life experience from first hand.Do have such experience about it......
September 4, 2009 9:28pm CST
Are you been to a cemetery or a graveyard or do your house is near it where you always see or hear the procession are passing by carrying a body to the graveyard????how often you been walking alone in the dark night quite close to the cemetery/graveyard.... what's goes on in your mind at that time.....are you bit afraid???? Do you feel as if some spirit is walking behind your back!!!!! do you dare to look behind or starts walking fast enough to avoid it and reach your destination as quick as possible,or you have really the one have been with face to face with a experience as if you are in front of a does it feel.....most of the experience are at childhood or even at recent as few days ago??????
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• Malaysia
5 Sep 09
My house is just 100m away from my village cemetery. I used to walk pass there when I was a kid. Sometimes I am so scared that I ran pass there and just look straight. Its funny when I think of it. Now, I am not scared well because I don't pass there If I feel uneasy during night, I will look around me all the time to make sure nothing out of the ordinary. lol..
• Malaysia
10 Sep 09
Luckily, I can't see ghost. But my sister can. Sometimes she tell me where she saw the whereabouts. At first it freak the hell out off me, but since I can't see ghost I tend to forget afterward. lol.. Every nights, I can hear the dog howling but I already get used with it and I don't seem to bother at all. Have a nice day!
@drannhh (15235)
• United States
5 Sep 09
When I was a youngster, back when young couples went on dates, the cemetery was a favorite hangout, especially on a moonlit night. We were not afraid of the spirits.