Is jealousy a phobia?

September 5, 2009 1:03am CST
Is jealousy a phobia? I wonder if to get over it, i must treat it like a phobia? If i see a great looking woman and or he is looking at her, I get the same symptioms that people with phobias get. I start breathing, i shake and i feel all hot and scred. I think the fear of abandoments of fear of not really being loved is my fear. I must treat it like that. how do i do that?
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@misisbau (317)
• Philippines
5 Sep 09
We all experience jealousy. However, jealousy springs from your insecurities. To cure jealousy is to love yourself first. Believe that you are worth it and believe that your partner is blessed to have you in his life. If you feel that, the green monster (jealousy) will take a back seat.
@Shebang (244)
• Philippines
5 Sep 09
That's nice one. Definitely, it boils down to you being insecure why you are having that feelings. You have to have confidence and yes, you should love yourself first so that you become worth loving by your partner.
@meapas (2436)
• India
5 Sep 09
You are not alone having this. More than 90% of the world feels the same. There is no cure for jealousy and baldness. Love others more than yourself. Soon you will find people flocking towards you.