Do u get angry Fast?

so angry - anger is not good
September 5, 2009 1:41am CST
I know anger is good for human being but then we can,t help. Anger is an invouluntary action which comes to us. if also we don,t wish, we become anger. first i didn,t used to get anger but these days as the age grows i have become short tempered. Do u experience the same. What precautions we take to keep off from anger. Please discuss.
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• India
5 Sep 09
Hello bhargavoza! I am a guy who gets angry quite uncertainly.Sometimes I get angry and stubborn over the most silly things imaginable!But at other times I don't get angry at all even when provoked a lot.So i think its the mood of that perticular time that determines my anger level.Also I don't usually get up in an angry mood(perhaps a little).But in the case of my sister she really gets in a fowl mood always after getting up no matter what!But after about 10 mins she is calm.So the best thing I do is avoid upsetting her after she gets up! I think after ur formative,teens,U start to become more cool headed,and less angry. U start to think before u act and become more understanding towards stuff. So if u have anger management issues its probabily because u r in that phase of live right now. All u have to do is weather out the storm. Plus count to 10 and say what u want when angry! Keep posting. APR
• India
5 Sep 09
Dear friend, u are right when saying count to 1- 10 when u are angry as anger is on its peak just for a while so if that moment passes evrything becomes ok. Thanx for response. Happy mylotting.
@seymiss (622)
9 Sep 09
Hi there Anger is a natural & mature emotions experience by all humans but uncontrolled anger can however affect personal and social well being.I have to admit i do get angry easily i was much worse before but iam not in the uncontrolled anger category. I do not have any tips but before i have improve a little bit unlike before i just say to myself that by being angry im only affecting my own self and health and not making things/situation better and that its a waste of my energy also. Cheers
@Shebang (244)
• Philippines
5 Sep 09
I sometimes hate myself for this because I easily get angry. When I'm angry, I suddenly say hurtful words to someone without thinking. I also curse if i'm angry. Then when I calmed down, that's when I regret those things that i've said. But what can I do, as much as I'd like to control things, this one is really out of my control. If I don't blurt it out, i feel like i get sick. So i'd rather shout it out.