Michael Vick in week 3?

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September 5, 2009 3:57am CST
What do you think about Roger's call on letting Vick play as early as week 3 of the NFL season? Do you think he served his time and should be allowed to play or is he getting off easy?
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5 Sep 09
Yes, as an animal lover I do think the NFL has been easy on him. As for he and football the game, I've never liked him. I've always thought of him as a running back wannabe quarterback. I've never considered a decent QB.
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@pop2160 (13)
• United States
25 Sep 09
Honestly i do think he got off a little easy....i mean what he did was cruel i own a dog myself and i would never want any harm to come to him. My dog and me are so close it crazy sometimes when i am just stressed out i sit there and pet him and tell him bout my day......any way i really think vick should have had more community service or something i mean he just walks back into the NFL and o here by the way you can still make 2 million dollars.....i mean yea sure that's still a big pay cut but hell i would take 2 million to play a sport i love...and 2 million is way more then he was making a year ago so in reality he is making out pretty good
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7 Sep 09
I think it was a good call, he had to do something because of the cap on the number of players a team could have. If they only had to wait 3 week, it was much easier to justify that rather than 6 weeks. I think Vick has looked very good in what I saw, and I think the will only better. I also think that it will take less than a quarter for the Eagle fans to call for Vick. And, if McNab struggles in the first three games, then they will start before that.