Okay, I made a blog. Now what should I do? Need HELP!

September 5, 2009 6:39am CST
Hi All, I mentioned few days ago on my interest in making a blog which topic I am familiar and passionate with. The blog is about fashion imagery. I started to be interested with the way the magazine editorials captures the fantasy of the readers and different themes they used to show the clothes. Note that I am not a fashion expert, but I am an amateur who just fascinated by it. Now, after I finished up my blog, which you all can see it by following the link on my profile, I wonder why I should do next? Any info where I can promote my blog, added traffic to it, where I could see the number of visitors to my blog, and finally make money from it? I don't want to put too many ads into it since it will run the aesthetics of the blog. I am not sure it will make any money though since it is still fresh new blog. Also, how can I customize the background of my blog? I don't want it to be too white, want to add some colours into it. Last question, I only want to put my main picture in the homepage and not every picture in my entry, the visitors can see that after clicking on the link. How can I do that? Come visit my blog and tell me what is your opinion! You don't have to be an avid fashion followers to enjoy it. Just appreciate what this image maker do and don't forget to drop comments into my blog!
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• Philippines
7 Sep 09
Congrats on your new blog, as I find it simple and friendly to my eyes. However, I think your URL is long and it might be confusing when you shared it to others. About your concerns about Blogger, I suggest you visit Amanda's blog Blogger Buster and I am very sure she can help you a lot. With regards on how to promote your blog, I can just finish a blog post entitled How to Promote a Blog for Beginners: Part One in which you can find the link on my profile. Hope that helps.
• Philippines
11 Sep 09
Well, yes the name of your blog is quite long and you will have a hard time to promote it. Readers might even misspelled it and they will be brought to another site. As I have suggested before, you can visit Blogger Buster for all your technical concern about Blogger. Meanwhile, I just finished How to Promote a Blog for Beginners: Part Two, as well Part One. You can find the link on my profile. Hope that helps.