What do you wanna change in yourself ?

@aweins (4200)
September 5, 2009 9:39am CST
everyone has one or the other thing which he or he wanna change . like if you wanna ask me what i wanna change in my physical appearance then it is my stomach, my belly area and in my nature or manners then i would like to change my too emotional , sensitive nature. like this would you like to change in yourself ?
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@taztheone (1725)
• India
5 Sep 09
I love to see changes around me but I myself prefer to be the way I am. My old friends always used to tell me that I have never changed. Ya even though my experience with life increases & the ability to handle situation increases, inside my heart, I remain the same. Happy Lotting
@misisbau (317)
• Philippines
5 Sep 09
I would like to be less sensitive to criticism. I've made peace with the way I look, took me three decades but I managed it.
@cbeee3 (2063)
• India
5 Sep 09
I want to change my sensitive nature too. I read too much into things people say, which at times I should not.They may say something without thinking too much, but then I may think they mean something else by it and feel bad. Another thing I would like to change about my nature is not getting too worked up, especially over things that I cannot control. I am working on both these areas.