Which league is your favorite,Premier league,Italy serie a,Liga league,German ?

@sutent (1060)
September 5, 2009 10:30am CST
Hi football fans, Which is your favorite league? And your reason on it? Look for your sharing, as i am a die-hard football fans. Enjoy football!
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@akuler (3534)
• Malaysia
5 Sep 09
Hi sutent, I follow most of the top European leagues. And in every league, I have my own prefer team(s). Usually I will pick the no 2 or no 3 team because I like them to win the league. In Germany, I always support any team other then Bayern Munich. But I like Herta Berlin and Stuttgard. In Italy, I cheer for Inter Milan. And I support them since 6 or 7 years ago. Not when they are already 4 years consecutively won the Serie A. In France, I always support Marseille. I know about them when they won European Champion on 1993. In Spain, I always want Barcelona to won everything there. In England, I don't want to walk alone. So, I support Liverpool. This is the first team I ever support from the European League. And I am their supporter since mid-80s. I always follow the English Premier League. And it is the most followed league here in Malaysia. Every football fan here have their own team to support. You can find 2 or 3 team in one house here. I like the ways English Premier League being played. They are very physical, skills and fast pace games. You will never know the result until the final whistle. Even the bottom team can top the top team at any given day.
@stvasile (7315)
• Romania
5 Sep 09
Aside from the favourite team from my country, Romania (Steaua Bucharest), I have a favourite team in England (Manchester United), Spain (FC Barcelona) and Italy (Juventus Torino), but my favourite league is by far the Premiership. The football played in England is the closest to my idea on how this sport should be played: a game based on physical engagement, in great speed, where every mistake can turn against your team. The foreign players inflow completed this style by adding some technical finesse to the game, making it even more beautiful.
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• Mexico
6 Sep 09
I like 'em all, but i got to say i like better the premiership, because there are five teams at least that could win the league, plus my favorite team Liverpool plays there. Anyway as i was saying a lot of teams have been buying real good players in the summer. I think it's the most competitive league in the world. Liverpool, Man City, UTD, Arsenal, Chelsea or even Tottenham could win this year.
• China
10 Sep 09
i like italia serie a. though many many good players left italy .go to spain i think isa will be as good as before to get many reputations that once belonged to them. they really good. and it is free see their plays in my country.
• Indonesia
10 Sep 09
hi there, my fav league is serie-a. but I also love english premiere league and spanish league. but I love seri-A very much because my most fav club is AC Milan but unfortunately in my country, I can not watch through local televios :(
@emmanola (482)
6 Sep 09
Generally I love to follow the major European leagues. However, my favourite leagues are: English Premiership, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A and German Bundesliga. I refrain myself from stating that I prefer the premiership because that is the league games that I am more accustomed too. I feel I'll like other European leagues especially the Dutch League, French League 1 and Portuguese League. I've watched a couple of matches from Russian league and Scotish league, those leagues are not as comparable to the other ones listed earlier. All over Europe I have my favourite teams. Examples are: Arsenal in England, Ajax in the Netherlands, Wolfsburg in Germany and Barcelona in Spain.