have you ever cut yourself in purpose

September 5, 2009 10:41am CST
have you ever cut yourself. i've done it. it gets my frustrations out and actually makes me feel better. it's been 6 years since i haven't done it but i did it last night and regret doing something like that to myself now but it really helps at the moment.
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@Debs_place (10520)
• United States
7 Sep 09
That is not good. You really should be seeking professional help and trying to change your life to get rid of the stressors. Is there anything we can do to help?
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@carmelanirel (20942)
• United States
5 Sep 09
Oh no, I hope you get some help soon, talking to even a good friend helps. My daughter was a cutter and ironically I understand why you do this, I would but I am too afraid to, I don't like the site of blood.. Which is why I am seeking help for whenever life gets too overwhelming, I hope you do too. I don't have a home computer but if you ever need a listening ear, you can always PM me..:)
@bonbon664 (3466)
• Canada
5 Sep 09
No, I haven't. I've heard of it, and it's a really serious psychological problem. Please don't ignore it. I know you're stressed, but, as you know, it can escalate. You really need to seek medical help hon, it can be a sign of something a lot more serious.
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• United States
28 May 10
I have been self harming for about eight years. People here have already suggested seeking help, but that's your call. Not to mention that this discussion is nine-months old. If you are not ready to seek help and/or recovery, that is understandable. Just remember if you do decide to take that step there's so many things you can do to stop.
@asliah (11137)
• Philippines
15 Apr 13
i still never had a try to cut my own hair or what ever in my body even though i am frustrated,i will just keep crying and shout out loud to release that frustration but not to cut anything in my body,i still love my body even how frustrated i am.
@alberello (4752)
• Italy
15 Apr 13
Dear friend. I am very sorry to read a thread like this! If you have done this, it is an act of self-harm. Psychological problem! I also suffer from a mental disorder called DOC (obsessive compulsive disorder) and I am being treated for many years in specialized centers. I met other people like you self-harm. I've had much pain for them! I hope that you will not do a thing like that, but let me ask you a question: "For this problem, you are receiving treatment at a specialized center by psychologists and psychiatrists?"
• United States
22 Jan 10
yes I have cut my self I go on and off with it I started because of a relationship the girl I loved left me and I couldent take it that happened months ago ........I started tonight nthough after a month of being free so it was interesting i saw this post........so I know where your comming from do you cut on the arm or knee?....first time I cut was on the arm but I got cought their so tonight I did it on the leg
@cream97 (29087)
• United States
12 May 10
Hi, poppop.. No. I have never purposely cut myself before. I think that this is a very serious act that needs to be treated before you may harm yourself much worse. No matter how stressed out or mad that I have ever been, I have never cut myself on purpose. I hope that this will not happen to you again. Please don't hurt yourself anymore. Try to talk to someone about what is causing you to want to harm yourself. Take great care.
• Chatsworth, California
20 Feb 10
Yes. When I'm not doing it I think about it. Don' worry, I have gone months without cutting and then started again (a few times) this happenes to lots of people (that doesn't mean that it can never stop, just means that it is normal) It releases endorphines and takes away pain. The reason we go back to certian habbits is because they are so strong in our minds (even when we don't realize it) that when something happens that triggers you, the mind remembers what it used to do in that situation, and, because it was used as medcation before, at the time it will come to the conclusion that "this is a good quick fix" Kind of like grabbing advil whenever you have a headache (automated responce)
29 Sep 09
I am really sorry to hear that you felt so low that you felt like you had to do this again. But it is important to realise that things are going to be okay. It is good you have admitted that you did this and you regret it. Things are obviously really hard for you right now and you are turning back to the way you dealt with things before. It's important you have spoken about it now because you can start thinking of a way to deal with things next time it happens. Write down a list of 10 things you can do next time you feel that way. Something I find really helps is harming yourself in a different way like running so far that your whole body aches. That gives you the satisfaction of punishing yourself but you are not really doing your body a whole lot of harm in the long term. As you may have guessed, yeah I have suffered with self injury problems for the past 6 or so years. I am predominantly a cutter although I have done other things in the past and have bad habits!