what does love means to you?

September 5, 2009 11:57am CST
Love means a lot for me..love means sacrifice right?.when you love someone one should be willing to compromise but will you compromise who you are,your family,your moral values for someone whom you truly love???? put your views regarding dis matter.
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@dirky007 (101)
• China
24 Jan 10
love means pills that smoth my heart when im hurt in outside world! love means the driving engine that prompts me forward!
• United States
6 Sep 09
I feel the same away. I also love others, loved ones in paticular how I would want to be loved. I bend over backward to please for the ones I love. Unfortuanetly my ex, didn't see things that way. :/ Which is why he is my ex now. We broke up yesterday. I hope I will find someone much better soon. Anyways, I would do anything no matter what it is for that person as long as it's not illegal. And I also follow my horoscope, and as for me being a Cancer, i'm really emotional with my partner.
@dorannmwin (36633)
• United States
5 Sep 09
Love for me is a commitment to one another. My love for my husband means that we are both supportive of each other in every way possible. We never ask one another to compromise our own personal views. We don't have to sacrifice for our love in my opinion. We are just the perfect pieces of the puzzle for each other. The love that I have for my children is a commitment as well, and sometimes this type of love is a sacrifice because I have to take the time to teach them the morals and things that I'd like for them to know. No matter what, for me, love is truly beautiful.
@tcty2008 (10)
• Hong Kong
5 Sep 09
I think Love in my views is about trust commitment understanding and care for each other. No matter its your family moral values, it just need both side to respect in each other from two parties.