Got an addiction? Its not what you're thinking..

United States
September 5, 2009 12:06pm CST
For the record nicotene, caffeine and alcohol are very good friends of mine, and, as happens with long term acquaintences, I'm quite reluctant to see them go. What brings this on is a couple of concerned friends who are worried about my health. They're good friends. Not just the usual soapbox finger pointers we tend to have to deal with. I know that they're truly concerned with me and not some badge of honor for having saved me from my self. Well, by now folks here, I'm sure, realize that my thinking can be a bit quirky at times. I can take a notion and tote it out to a place folks refer to as 'left field', ponder it a bit, then bring it back and try to fit it in. (whew!) The quirk here is something I been saying since my hippie dippie days and is as follows..The two greatest addictions in the world today which cause the most heartbreak and problems AND which remain uncontrolled are 1. the human ego and 2. greed. Together these cause more trauma than any other addiction(s). So, how do you feel about my quirk? Should I put in a box and bury where no one will ever find it? or Should I display it on the mantle for everyone to see? Feel free to include your own social addictions..ENJOY!
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