The scorpion's tale

September 6, 2009 12:19am CST
Today, I watched the newssreel "the socrpion's tale" directed by the discovery series,U know I was totally shocked when I watched the newsrell. There were many kinds of scorpions,majority of which could spray venom. Totally there were 2,000 species of scorptions,found widely distrubited south of about 49N .They didn't change a lot since it came to the world as per the fossiles.Most sorpions reproduce sexuallly,and most species have male and female individuals. What made me surprised most was their lifespans.Scorpions have quite variable lifespans and the acutal lifespan of most species is not known. Their ages range appear to be approximately 4-25 years(25 years being the maximum reported lifespan in the species ADRURUS ARIZONENSIS).Lifespan of HADOGENES SPECIES in the wild is estimated at 25-30 years.I did appreciated their life skills in the harsh enviroment. While,the scorpions were considered evil and thought as the occured to me their survival were very much like the human beings.As everyone konws,the competitiveness is so critical,i have to play a role very much like the scorpions,Because I strongly agree the view of "Survival of the fittest"
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