What was the biggest mistake you made in your first relationship?

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@jen14ed (865)
September 6, 2009 7:54pm CST
My biggest mistake in my first relationship is i have no time from him my attentions in my work?,, i honestly is my mistake that we breakups? what about you What Was the biggest mistake you made in your first relationship?
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@jesssp (2738)
• Canada
9 Sep 09
I was a little too controlling and tried to force him to be ready for things that he just wasn't. I realized after we broke up that we were still so young and he just wasn't ready for the things I was pushing on him (and understandably so). I was also too jealous and untrusting, I should have let him do his own thing more often instead of trying to constantly keep tabs on him.
• Philippines
7 Sep 09
my biggest mistake with my past relationship...is to expect so mcuh from him. and only take take take never also give give give ... after the break up i realized that when you really are in a relationship you have to have give and take and be responsible enough for attention.
• United States
7 Sep 09
The biggest mistake that I made in my first relationship would have to be I was waay to clingy and I saw no flaw in my partner. I seriously saw him as perfect and followed him around everywhere. I think he finally had enough of it. I learned pretty quick after that how blind and ridiculous I was but I'm glad I figured it out because he was definitely not the best guy I should have been with.
@misisbau (317)
• Philippines
7 Sep 09
I chose the wrong guy to have a relationship with.