Van Jones, Obama Administration's "Green Jobs" advisor (czar) Resigns....

@mehale (2200)
United States
September 6, 2009 9:24pm CST
According to CNN, the Obama administration did not order Van Jones to resign; rather he resigned because I suppose he felt it was the right thing to do, or at least that is what we are being led to believe. Do you think that he should resign after saying that the government allowed the 9-11 attacks to happen? Honestly, considering the two wars and our broken economy statements like that are anything but patriotic and are not anything our nation needs in any form of administration position. Do you believe that Obama did ask him to resign? Was it actually Van Jones decision? Should he resign? Any thoughts on this issue?
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@ParaTed2k (22971)
• Sheboygan, Wisconsin
8 Sep 09
Yet another friend Obama is willing to throw under the bus for political expediency. If Obama doesn't see any reason to stand by his friends, his pastor of 20 years or even his late grandmother... why does anyone expect any kind of loyalty from him?
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@dlr297 (5416)
• United States
7 Sep 09
Van Jones should never have been given the position in the first place Because of his background, and some of the things that he has been involved with. It was not hard for Glen Beck to find the stuff out on this guy, how did his past make it buy the screening process at the white house and how many more like him has the president put in charge of stuff that are just like him Van Jones was a communist., and he did not have a good attitude about the police, and the president showed his attitude was about the same when he spoke out against that police officer, and the professor before he knew all the facts. That just showed me that the presidents agendas are not good ones.
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