marriage or divorce

@mcowiti (232)
September 7, 2009 9:41am CST
you will forgive me for having this opinion but the truth is that overtime there has beeen an increased level of divorec as opposed to marriages. in usa alone the figures are worrying and the trend is picking up in other patrs of the world. my question is: why do we marry only to divorce later because i think marriage is a sacred union!! uhh!
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• China
7 Sep 09
it's hard to answer it clearly...some couple get married because of some other reasons(money..)but not for love...that directly lead to an unblessed marriage. however,some get married really for love,but when they get together to face those trivial issues,prettiness is no longer,perfection is no longer,what assumes is narrowness,selfish, how can they hold marriage eternal in currently,fickleness is showed more on human,i admit marriage is sacred,so i hope people can think over it before make it,if you make it ,then protect it
@SomeCowgirl (32254)
• United States
7 Sep 09
A lot can be said about WHY people get DIVORCED. But I believe a better question would be WHY don't people TRY to stay together? To me divorcing is just giving up, and giving up is very bad. I believe that a marriage is a sacred union just as you do and that people should do all they can BEFORE marriage to understand each other and what their getting into and DURING marriage to make it work for them. Sometimes fights occur and things are said that people don't mean, and that has to come to a stop. We as people need to find a place in a hearts, in our minds, and in our homes to seek refuge when things get to be too much... that is to say STEP BACK before STEPPING FORWARD IN THE WRONG DIRECTION. In no way am I "yelling" at you as per caps lock etiquette via the internet, I mean merely to emphasize how I feel. My fiance and I are to be married soon, and we are both working towards making a marriage that not only we will be proud of, but our friends, family and the all mighty himself, god.
• United States
7 Sep 09
i think it's stupid toooo!!! i guess some people just didn't find the RIGHT ONE...