my lot response failure.

September 7, 2009 4:04pm CST
my computer is kind crummy so i'm not sure if its just me, but sometimes when i post a response the loading bar on the bottom right of my screen (for firefox) comes up empty and doesn't load, so i trying copying my post then refreshing, sometimes it post my response but sometimes it doesn't. But when i try to copy my message before i refresh and just pasting it when it reloads i find out that i can't past in order to prevent spam. so i either have to re-type in or paste in a notepad then minimize both screens so i can re-type it (actually right now thats what i'm doing because the first time i tried starting this discussion it failed :(). And sometimes it doesn't copy properly so i have to recollect my thoughts and re-write my response, but sometimes i just get frustrated and say "screw it". does this happen to anyone else? what do u do about it?
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@mysdianait (65052)
• Italy
7 Sep 09
No I have never had problems when posting. I use IE and I'm perfectly happy with it. Here at work I have problesm with the mouse as someone decided to change it... Have you tried posting using IE?